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Contact the PTA Board if you are interested in volunteering for the 2019-20 school year!

 5th Grade Celebration    

5th Grade Events❋ 




After School Enrichment❋ 



Box Tops

Julie Nettleton


Bulletin Board

Ann Whritenour

Cougar Mascot

Kelly Crone  

Face Painting




Jessica Ripple

Melissa Hardy


Ice Cream Social

PTA Officers


Legislative Awareness

PTA Officers


Production Room

Sharon Ingram


Larisa Rosenberg

Scholastic Book Fair

Brittany Swartzell

Susan Bergman

Silent Auction

Dawn Clark

Spring Fling

Rae Perrin

Welcome Desk

Michelle Ablashi

Winter Dance

Shannon Ledford

Becky Abrams

Yearbook Production

Lauren Corbitt

Sabine Whaley

Yearbook Sales

Rebecca Harriss

No Additional Volunteers Needed    

Needs Chair

Community Outreach

Valerie Testman

Sonya Jackson

Family Fun Nights (On-site)

Cynthia Tidwell

Amanda Coppage

Family Fun Nights (Off-site) 

Health & Wellness Kristin Mize
Hospitality Karen Baudet
Kemp Cares PTA Officers  

Sonya Jackson

Rae Perrin

Room Parent Coordinator Lauren Corbitt
School Store

Denise Ribeiro

Kimberly Lewald


Social Media (Facebook & Twitter) Rebecca Harriss
Spirit Wear


Abby Ondr

3 For Me



Webmaster Rebecca Harriss


  • After School Enrichment – This committee works closely with Kid Chess,  Drama Kids, Tumbling, Robotics & Science to coordinate dates, registrations, rooms, etc. for each of the after school enrichment classes as well as coordinating with school administration. This committee will also research other enrichment activities to bring to Kemp.
  • Box Tops & Soup Labels – This committee is responsible for collection of Box Tops for Education, Tyson Project A+ and other donation programs. The committee members will be responsible for setting and promoting collection dates, counting and shipping as well as informing parents of these opportunities. 
  • Bulletin Board – This committee will be responsible for decorating the PTA bulletin board in the lobby of the building. All PTA activities and events will be posted on this board.
  • Community Outreach – This committee will develop a school wide community outreach plan that responds to the needs of our community. This committee will help develop relationships with community businesses (Walgreens, Publix, Kohl's, CFA, etc) by encouraging them to set up tables at events, volunteer and join PTA. They will be a liaison for our neighborhoods to use notification systems and work together on community projects that involve the school.
  • Copy/Production Room – This committee is crucial to the operation of the school!! The members of this committee MUST be a PTA Member and will be trained to operate all equipment in the Copy Room as well as how to process the work orders. Each member MUST be able to commit to one weekly shift lasting 2 hours minimum. This volunteer staff will make copies, laminate, staple, hole punch, etc…. for all Kemp staff. This committee is limited to select PTA members who can make a consistent, year long commitment. Requirement: 2 hours every week.
  • Cougar Mascot – This committee will be responsible for coordinating special appearances at school functions. This committee will also be responsible for scheduling 5th graders to perform as Kempy as well as keeping the costume cleaned.
  • Face Painting – This committee is responsible for coordinating two to four face- painting days for the children throughout the school year.
  • Family Fun Nights – This committee will implement monthly programs for families to attend and enjoy. This committee will plan as well as promote each monthly event and work with several restaurants as well as recreational facilities in coordinating Kemp nights. This committee will also plan a Kemp family movie night and Bingo night.
  • Fifth Grade Events – This committee will coordinate, plan and implement end of year activities for the 5th grade class. Members will work on Fifth Grade Day, which is a special “off- campus” day of food and fun planned by 5th grade parents.
  • Fifth Grade Celebration – This committee will plan and implement the 5th Grade Graduation Celebration Day, an awards ceremony reception to honor all 5th grade students and their families. This celebration MUST be planned and implemented by 4th grade parents so ALL 5th grade parents may enjoy the celebration with their children.
  • Health and Wellness – This committee will coordinate with school programs, curriculum and health issues set forth by PTA to help educate parents, students and the community on the health needs of children.
  • Hospitality – This committee will plan and host teacher luncheons as well as other special events held on school grounds.
  • Ice Cream Social – This event is coordinated by the current PTA Board Officers. This is a Back to School fun family event.
  • Kemp Cares – This committee consists of a group of compassionate parents who feel it is important to care of others in our Kemp family. This group will keep abreast of any tragedies, illnesses or deaths in our Kemp family. They will work with the Community Outreach Liaison to help provide community support to students in need. They will also welcome new families to the Kemp community.
  • Legislative Awareness – This committee will be involved in PTA legislative actions. They will attend special PTA meetings to learn what is going on in the legislation of Georgia government and how it impacts our children. These members should be comfortable sharing this information with the officers and the general membership.
  • Membership – This committee promotes the benefits of a strong PTA as well as tracks the membership percentages. Members of this committee would need to be present at various school events, PTA meetings and function to sign up new PTA members and collect dues. They will also work with the Treasurer to turn in awards to the GA PTA.
  • Reflections – This committee promotes and coordinates the National PTA Reflections program, a celebration of children’s creativity. Based on a yearly theme, children write literature, create artwork, take photos and or compose music. These entries are then judged at various levels and honored with receptions. This committee will work to distribute rules and regulations of this program, collect entries, display works, coordinate judging, and host a reception at school. Also, responsible for sending the winners in each category on to district and then state competitions.
  • Room Parent Coordinator – This person will make sure every classroom has a willing Room Parent. All room parents MUST be a PTA member. The coordinator will be the liaison for all room parents by communicating requirements of room parents as well as two meetings throughout the school year. Will also help coordinate Teacher Appreciation week activities.
  • Scholastic Book Fairs – This committee works with the Media Center Specialist and Book Fair Chairpersons to host Scholastic book sales twice a year. One fair is during the fall and the other during the spring. The committee will also host a family night and other promotional activities during the book fair. Volunteers are needed to help with set-up, decorations, assisting customers, and pack up.
  • School Store – This committee will work to stock, inventory, sell and account for profits of the school store. The school store will be open every other Friday from 7:15 am until 7:45 am. Members MUST commit to some volunteer time operating the store.
  • Spirit Wear – This committee provides students, staff and families the opportunity to purchase various imprinted products with the school logo. Members would assist in new artwork designs, purchasing, storage and distribution of Spirit Wear items. Additionally, members will be asked to work at various PTA events selling spirit wear.
  • Spring Fling – This committee works to plan and coordinate an end of year, fun filled, outdoor celebration for Kemp families. PTA hosts this event in appreciation of PTA supporters. Food items can be made available for a nominal fee. Requirement: presence required during event.
  • Spring Silent Auction – This committee works to provide gift baskets donated by each classroom as well as community businesses. These baskets are available for auction during the Spring Fling. This committee will also be responsible for providing expectations of basket donations to all room parents. The committee members will also need to provide support and volunteer time during the silent auction in the spring. Requirement: presence required during event.
  • Welcome Desk – This committee will schedule and staff a morning Welcome Table to help office staff with the busy morning rush. Members would need to be available from 7:30 am – 8:30 am on a rotating schedule for the entire year.
  • Winter Family Dance - This committee will plan and host a family dance in February. This committee will be responsible for DJ, food snacks, raffle items, etc. as well as set-up and breakdown of event. Committee members will provide volunteer time to help run event.
  • Webmaster - This committee will update the PTA blog and other social media with important information and upcoming events.
  • Yearbook Production – This committee works throughout the year to collect and compile photos and memories to commemorate the year’s activities, achievements, programs and celebrations. The members will work closely with the yearbook publishing company as well as the 5th Grade Yearbook team.
  • Yearbook Sales – This committee will coordinate sales and distribution of yearbook. This committee will also produce the flyers for yearbook sales. This committee will work closely with the Yearbook production chairperson as well as the PTA Treasurer.